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Homburg Godfather open crown hat


Homburg hat godfather handcrafted in our specialized laboratory, open crown, soft, with brim 5.5 cm and hemming. High-colored ribbon or contrasting according to the models, rabbit fur felt, the inner band of genuine leather and the lining in red or white natural viscose. If the hat is not available at the time of purchase is made in about 20 working days.

100% Rabbit fur Felt

Made in Italy

Attention pls. Custom item, hand-made on request and measure, according to law, the right of withdrawal is not allowed.


From Wikipedia

Hugo Resinger holding a fashionable grey Homburg hat, 1907. Painting by Anders Zorn

A homburg is a felt hat characterized by a single dent running down the center of the crown and a brim fixed in a tight, upwards curl. It is superficially similar to the trilby and fedora; however, those types of hat have soft, snappable brims and can have various designs pinched into the crown, whereas the shape of a homburg is fixed.

The homburg is typically made from wool or fur felt and has a grosgrain hatband and brim treatment with an optional feather. A variant form is the "lord's hat", which lacks the edge ribbon, and may, optionally, be pinched.

It was popularized by Edward VII after he visited Bad Homburg in Hessen, Germany, and brought back a hat of this style. Like the trilby or fedora, the homburg was once quite popular and is still available in almost any color, but the most common colors are black, grey, and brown. In Britain a black homburg became widely known in the 1930s as an "Anthony Eden" after the Government Minister of that name.

Konrad Adenauer and Willy Brandt (1961) both with Homburger

In formality, the homburg ranks just below the top hat, and above hats such as the bowler or fedora. It is appropriate (often with a topcoat) with a stroller, or with black tie.


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