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Elosegui popular worker beret Euskadi basica 13


Original Basque popular Spanish production, or rather, properly Basque production, produced by Elosegui historic company in Toulouse, a small town on the road to San Sebastian.

The Basques are now Elosegui of all original and authentic "Basque" are produced even in pure wool with a manufacturing process that has not changed over time, we are only modernized machines. Basque is one of the oldest popular headgear, used throughout Europe since antiquity is regarded as the popular headgear and/or military excellence.
Simple, inexpensive and waterproof summarizes all the positive features that should have a hat. Is proposed with different widths of "vuelo" or width of the plate, the smaller 24/25 cm wider by 34 increasing from 27 cm to the Basque more common today. Lining
(in various colors, which can vary depending on the measure) or unlined depending on the model is the headgear that made the history of his cap in Europe.

Flat 13" about 29/30 cm



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