Our history

Ferdinand Melegari, founded the "Lombard Headwear" opening the shop at 19 Via Paolo Sarpi, a new building near the historic center of Milan. And 'her daughter Ada (23 years) to manage the store, will soon be recognized by customers as a person knowledgeable and helpful, laying the foundations of philosophy.

They are the golden years of the hat; Ada manages the shop in Via Sarpi, 19, whose brother Aeneas Melegari to C.so Vittorio Emanuele, exclusive Borsalino.

After the difficult years of the war he resumed his activity Ada. The name of the store to take over permanently "Melegari Headwear." Will be complemented with hats, other clothing accessories.

His son Louis joined the company, its qualities are dedication, consistency and simplicity, he will lead the company up in the 90s, through alternating moments, from the economic boom years of lead, passing the hat for the crisis of the late 60.

They come in the activity of the two grandchildren, Paula and Sergio, who "modernized the company keeping it true to itself," an eye to this, a tradition.

And 'the second year of the restructuring of the Milan store, which will encompass the entire first floor, creating space for the development of the company.

The Headwear Melegari open a second store in the old town of Monza, "the city of hatters."

Is recognized by the city of Milan the title of "Historical Shop."


  The Headwear Melegari opens third store in the historic center of Milan

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