Il nostro laboratorio "A felt cone is  like a piece of clay ... ... is the craftsman to give form."

Forgive and wash in the form of felt hats for men, if necessary, change internal and external seals.
We can expand them, restrict them, resize them, enlarge them, we can form high, low, long, short, and we can make them harden or pocket, whatever you want ... ... or almost.
A hat of felt, not just as a cat, but at least 4 lives has them, if properly stored will last a long time and will always be waterproof ... ... try it.

We model felt hats or custom-made on request, possibly on a sample or custom modifications.

We also produce, if not already available to artists, advertising agencies, production houses, television studios, and anyone who wanted them, historical models and / or customized.

We restore old felt hats where possible.
We can also remodel the old "Panama". You can not wash them, but sometimes you just need a little 'about the form of steam ... and there they come back to life!

Il nostro laboratorio A thought and thanks go to all the teachers from whom I learned hatters this ancient profession. In particular, Franco De Toffoli, hatter in Novate Milanese, who have long sadly no longer with us, the master hatter Alfonso Tenisci from which I've done real apprenticeship in his studio workshop in Milan on Vitruvius road, the beloved Gianni Sala , Monzas' old hatter, for their help and the necessary equipment. Thanks also to my friend Sergio Fiori hat "it's in the blood," the young hatter Luca Mauri, the grand master of Monza Malegori a real "mad hatter" and Masters teachers Pino, George and Marco Vimercati, last bastions of a "world" in danger of extinction.


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