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About us

Vista del negozioYou're entering a place a little 'special, where surviving a world as archaic by modern, a place made of old tools, and knowledge of tradition, a place made of steam ... that white vapor, which is never enough to make a hat! And then ... the end always comes back to heaven.
It is not just a shop, but a true "workshop", is the world's hat! With countless articles of the best Italian production (Borsalino, Marzi), English (Christys, Lock, Olney) and French. The refined models of the ceremony, the Tyrolean hats and Tegischer Bittner, Australians and Jacaru Akubra, Filson and the Stetson American country, the original Irish caps and then stink, cylinders and many others of our exclusive production.
Dedicated to all women and men ... ... with the "head".


Our Brands