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Light hat stiff-natural gum 100 ml


Felting clear primer stiff based on natural rubber, 100 ml.

The hardness is light
Application: for all the hats of felt (wool or rabbit)
Used for dressing: 2 hats
Dilution: Water
Storage: Store fresh and use within 2/3 weeks

The stiff has always been one of the most important "secrets " of hatters, each had its own recipe and jealously kept .....
And 'necessary to stiffen the felt and in order to maintain the form more easily when working with steam on wooden forms or when you model with the hands. This is ideal for felt light-colored and pastel, and also to use "DIY" as it is not particularly strong and can be used undiluted. It can be used to stiffen the hats of felt stretched over time have lost consistency.

The brief instructions for use are attached.

Manufactured in our laboratory


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